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      Quality decoration, we pursue

      Humanity, art, intelligence and commercialization are all in one body.

      Thinking highly of energy-saving

      • Energy-saving Technology is more greenerThe louvers can effectively block the solar radiation, keep heat and save energy.In summer, shutting down the shutters can block the direct sunlight and the convection of hot and cold air, and can greatly reduce ...

      Good at engineering

      • We has passed the ISO quality management system and environmental management system, firmly implemented and implemented the ISO system, established the awareness of quality and safety, strengthened the quality ...

      Simplified process

      • We carries out, implements and executes 15s, "SEIRI-SEITON-SEISO-SEIKETSU-SHITSUKE-SAFETY-SAVING-STUDY-SERVICE-SPEED-SATISFACTION-SHARE-STICK-SMILE-SECRET". We are serving every product, every customer and every trust with unremitting pursuit of more perfect attitude.


      Win respect by reputation and develop with quality

      More Case


      Active service, beyond expectation, not afraid to ask for a request, afraid of no requirement.


      In the past 10 years, we have focused on building quality space for you.




      Changshu High-tech Energy-saving Dorwin Co.,Ltd (hereafter called“CSOTK”for short) was established in April, 2009. It located in the famous historical and cultural c..

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